Check PESCO Bill Online – Duplicate PESCO Bill

Check PESCO Bill Online

Every month, you get an invoice of various utility bills that you have to pay before the due date passes by. Sometimes, you may have a problem regarding the collection of your PESCO Bill Online because of various reasons. In such a case, you may be looking for an easier way to do this task and get your bill to pay it in time.

There are multiple tools available on our website that will enable you to get your electricity bill using your computer. If you are a consumer of PESCO you will find this blog useful for you. It is because we are going to show you how to check PESCO Bill within a few seconds. We will guide you step by step about the process to get your bill print to clear the dues or keep it for the record. The only thing you have to do for PESCO bill is to keep focus and read the blog till the end.

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PESCO (Peshawar Electric Supply Company) is the biggest power supply company of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It is a private company allowed to work by WAPDA in 1998. Back in this year, WAPDA divided the entire country’s power supply into the hands of 8 major regional companies.

PESCO was one of those companies that came to power after that legal amendment. Now, it has become the biggest company in the province with almost 4 million active connections. PESCO is covering a large area where almost 25 million people are living. With the advancement in technology, various electric power companies in the country started to provide bill checking through online tools. PESCO bill check was one of those methods that were introduced at the start of this era.

In the upcoming section, we are going to show you how you can check Online Bill PESCO and pay it timely. Let’s get a look at the method and regions that come under the jurisdiction of PESCO.

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Areas Under The Jurisdiction Of PESCO

As we have mentioned that PESCO is covering a large portion of the province. Therefore, it is covering almost 9 major divisions of it and provides electricity to them. You can do a PESCO bill check using our tool if you are living in any of the following regions.

  • Peshawar
  • Bannu
  • Hazara-1
  • Hazara-2
  • Mardan
  • Swat
  • Khyber
  • Swabi
  • Abbottabad

Now, we are going to show you how to check electricity bill online PESCO if you are living in any of the above regions.

How to check PESCO bill?

When it comes to doing bill check, you have to grab a copy of the PESCO Old Bill. It is because you have to insert some data into the dedicated box of our PESCO electricity bill online tool.

Insert Reference Number

On your PESCO bill copy, you will get complete information about your connection. PESCO online consumer bill has basic information as well as the calculation process for your bill. On the top left corner, you will get a section named Reference Number. You should copy the numeric and alphabet part of the PESCO Pakistan online bill copy and insert it above given the box. Our tools will fetch the data from the WAPDA database and show you the online electricity bill PESCO in a few seconds.

For surety, you can compare the previous month’s bill copy with the online bill PESCO image and check if both bills have the same details or not. In this way, you can check electricity bill PESCO Peshawar without moving to the office of the company.

Get Online Bill Print

When you have got the image and confirmed that it is your electricity bill, you can easily get the Bill Print. For this task, you only need to double-click on the online bill copy to open a drop down menu. Here you will get an option named Save As where you have to click. It will enable you to get online bill free download. After downloading, you can connect your device with a printer and get the PESCO bill in your hand.

How to Get PESCO Duplicate Bill Online?

Sometimes, you may have lost the PESCO Bill Hard Copy and want to get it again. There are many reasons due to which you may be looking to do so. For this task, you can get PESCO duplicate bill online from our tool. It will enable you to download PESCO online duplicate bill with the same procedure. You only have to insert the Reference Number and follow the same procedure we have discussed to check PESCO bill 2022. In this way, you will be able to get a PESCO duplicate bill instead of checking it from the office and consulting with the officials.

How to pay the PESCO Bill?

After having a look at PESCO Bill Online copy, you may be looking for Online  Bill Payment process. Yes, you can whether make online bill payment or move towards any physical payment shop. If you are looking to get pay online bill, you can use the following methods or applications.

  • JazzCash
  • EasyPaisa
  • Bank Application

You only have to get in using your account’s login credentials and follow the guidelines of a specific application. In this way, it has become easy to do online PESCO bill checking and pay it through the same channel. Along with online bill payment, you can choose the Physical Payment Method too. In this process, you have to move towards any of the following checkpoints and get the task done.

  • Pakistan post office
  • Any branch of the bank
  • Private payment transfer checkpoints

For this task, you have to take bill print for you just for the records. You will be returned a slip with a stamp with which you can tell anyone that you have paid your electricity bill. After paying the bill, you will be able to see PESCO online bill status to “Paid”. For surety, you can check the status using any online method or using our tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check PESCO bill?
The process to check online PESCO bill has become easier with our tool. You only need to follow the above steps to do this task and get the print of your current month’s invoice.
How to pay PESCO bill ?
There are multiple channels available online through which you can pay bill online. You can check the list of apps or methods from the above section where we have described them briefly.
How to check PESCO old bill ?
For this task, you can whether visit the PESCO official website or get the PESCO old bill copy. Here you will get a list of previous 12-month bills in the right section of the bill.
How can I get a duplicate PESCO bill?
We have discussed the process to check PESCO duplicate bill online briefly here in the above section. You can follow those lines to get the task done within a few seconds.

Wrapping Up

With the above guide, you have learned how to check PESCO bill online within a few minutes. For avoiding problems, you should keep an eye on the above method and follow it strictly. You can also move towards MEPCO, IESCO, LESCO and other bills checking tools available on different pages of our website.

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