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Check GEPCO Online Bill – Duplicate GEPCO Bill

Check GEPCO Online Bill

It has become common to get multiple tasks done via different channels available on the internet. For Example, from shopping for a product to check bill online like HESCO, LESCO and PESCO, the very first thought you get in your mind is to search from Google. Similarly, it has become a trend to check Utility Bills over the internet using different tools. If you are living in Gujranwala or any of the surrounding regions, you may be looking for GEPCO online bill checking tool. If so, then you are exactly on the right page to do this task and get bill view within a few seconds.

Let’s get started and learn how to do online bill check.

Please enter your Reference Number for bill check

[e_bill_form type=”gepcobill”]


GEPCO (Gujranwala Electricity Power Company) is one of the oldest companies working under the administration of WAPDA. This company was mainly established in 1977 as Area Electricity Board of this region of Punjab province. Under the amendments done in 1998 by WAPDA to divide the entire supply chain into 8 companies, it was given the charge of Distribution Company with the name GEPCO. From then till now, GEPCO is serving almost 4 million active consumers living in that specific region of the world.

GEPCO has 60 grid stations in different parts that regulate the power supply to all the regions that come under its jurisdiction. It is considered the company with the most famous cities of Punjab. Here is the list of districts that come under the jurisdiction of Gujranwala Electricity Power Company.

  • Gujranwala
  • Hafizabad
  • Sialkot
  • Narowal
  • Gujrat
  • Mandi Bahauddin

If you are living in any of the above regions, you can easily do GEPCO bill checking within the following instructions.

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How to check GEPCO online bill?

When it comes to innovation in the electricity bill checking process, we can’t ignore GEPCO. It is because this company was one of the very first companies that made it possible. In simple words, GEPCO consumers were the first to do bill checking for the timely invoice. If you are looking for an online GEPCO bill tool. Then, you are just about to learn the exact process. We have the best “Tool” with which you can check any WAPDA bill. Here is what you have to do for GEPCO online bill Gujranwala.

Put Reference Number

The very first thing you have to do is to keep your Reference Number before using our tool for bill check. When you have noted that number, just follow these steps to check electricity bill online GEPCO.

  • Paste the Reference Number inside the above given box
  • Paste the numeric and alphabet part as well
  • Click on the Check Bill button
  • Wait until you have the image of your current bill invoice on the screen

Where is the reference number?

If you don’t know where is the Reference Number to check your GEPCO Bill, you can find it in a few seconds. You only need to get a look at the following guidelines to do this.

  • Check the top left corner of your bill previous month copy
  • Besides the consumer ID, you will get a box named Reference number
  • Write the numeric part and one alphabet to check GEPCO bill
  • Get GEPCO electricity bill online print

When you have checked the GEPCO bill, you may be looking to get a hard copy. It is needed when you have to pay the bill via any physical bill payment point. Also, you can keep it for the record that you have paid the bill. For this, just do a double click on the image or use the right-click button to open a drop down menu. After this, check for the Save As option and tap on it. Your GEPCO online bill copy will be saved to your desktop device and you can get a print by connecting it with a printer. Also you can get a PDF Copy of your bill by clicking above Print Bill button.

How to get GEPCO Duplicate Bill Online?

Sometimes, you may have lost the hard copy of bill and want to get the copy again to pay it. In the past, you might be asked to visit the GEPCO office and get the task done there. But now, you can get a GEPCO duplicate bill online using the same procedure. For this task, you only need to paste the Reference Number inside the dedicated box and click on the Check Bill button. It will show you the image that you can download using the same procedure. So, you can say that it has become easier to get duplicate bill online instead of moving towards the physical office.

How to pay GEPCO Online Bill?

When you have got the bill copy, you must be looking at how to make GEPCO online bill payment. There are two main methods through which you can do it. You can whether pick the online payment method or the physical checkpoints to do this. Here is the list of all those methods through which you can pay the bill without hesitation.

  • JazzCash
  • EasyPaisa
  • Bank application
  • Pakistan Post Office
  • Any Bank Branch
  • Private payment checkpoints

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check GEPCO bill online?
With our tool, you can check GEPCO electricity bill within a few seconds. You only need to follow the guidelines mentioned above for this simple task.
How to pay GEPCO bill online?
There are multiple applications and payment methods available that you can follow for the bill payment. We have enlisted some of the best ways in the above section. You can get access to any of them for this task.


In the above section, We have carefully explained how to check your GEPCO Bill and pay your bill just for your ease. Now, you can easily get your GEPCO online bill and paid with simple steps. The only thing you have to do is to stick with the above instructions throughout the process.

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